21. December 2018
It's the final Friday before we the Christmas break so we wanted to take the opportunity to say a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in our GenGive Community.

14. December 2018
That’s right, there’s an official day for the Christmas Jumper and today is that day. But while it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a good laugh with your family, friends and colleagues, did you know that it’s doing wonders for charity too?

07. December 2018
Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10th December every year, but this year in particular is a little bit special as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70. 70 years is a long time, but that same document is as relevant today as it was back in 1948. In the face of uncertainty from almost every angle, we find ourselves in a time where it’s as important as ever for us to stand up, not just for our own rights but for those of others.

30. November 2018
It’s so easy for us to get lost in our own perceptions, to have to fight for our own views so hard than we can forget or actively ignore those of others. Sometimes it’s the simple things that pull us back, that help us find perspective, step outside ourselves for a short while and consider things from other people’s point of view.

23. November 2018
It might still be November, but however hard you try it’s pretty difficult to ignore that Christmas is well and truly on the way. In an effort to help us feel the joy that comes from giving, GenGive are doing things a little differently this year. Instead of opening up a little cardboard door and eating another chocolate to help us count down to the big day, we’ll be running a “reverse advent calendar” across our social media channels.

16. November 2018
Being kind. It’s a simple principle, it’s as old as time and in today’s society, it’s more important than ever.

09. November 2018
It’s a sad reality that bullying still affects lots of young people - whether it’s in school, in social settings or online. Next week is Anti-Bullying week – it’s an awareness raising week where a whole host of anti-bullying charities get involved. This year’s theme is “Choose Respect” and involves a range of activities and themed days centred around the idea that bullying is a behaviour choice.

02. November 2018
With half term either finished or almost behind us, there will be plenty of parents who understand the challenges of keeping children entertained over the holidays. Finding something that suits everyone, won’t cost of fortune and, dare I say it, helps keep the kids away from their screens for a little while, can be really tricky but family volunteering could be the answer.

28. June 2018
If you want to get your child/children giving back, and doing good, then this is the blog post for you. It can be hard to know where to start with volunteering, especially with children, so we have gathered a few great ways to start philanthropic work with your family. We believe these are easy, and importantly, fun ways to nurture volunteering:

charity run · 10. June 2018
We have complied a list of the best charity challenges coming up this summer, so that your family can get fit and do good!