Why Boredom is Good for the Soul

Even more, there's the frenzy that defines the modern-day family. Life already moves so quickly these days.


Parents seem to have their foot on the accelerator. Posting pictures of unbridled joy on social media. But behind the phone, most of us are stumbling around like zombies, juiced up on coffee, as we try to maintain the breakneck schedules we've set for ourselves and our families.


I've been thinking that 5 years ago, when you asked a parent how they were doing, they would say, "Fine". What I hear now is: "We're so busy". This is in summer mind you, that former bastion of freedom, when a kid had enough time to count the drops of water on a window and tally the blades of grass in the garden.


It's not entirely the parent's fault though. We all feel this crushing pressure to make our kids into something grand – the next YouTube star, Mark Zuckerberg, or Malala Yousafzai. Even the schools have pushed for more résumé padding: the academic clubs, the advance-level courses starting at twelve. It doesn't take long before we begin to buy into the idea that letting kids just be is an affront to our ego as parents.


We've all read the studies and books. We know what's best for our children, and it is not this.


As quoted in Bruce Feiler's book "The Secrets of Happy Families", a recent study by the Families and Work Institute asked kids what they wanted most from their parents. Guess what? It wasn't quality time, they wanted parents who were less tired and less stressed.


We're all on this train together but now it's time to push on the brakes.... 

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