About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise happier, more balanced children who are inspired and empowered to contribute to a more positive world.


We run events that enable families to interact with local charities that are tackling everyday problems around the globe. We also provide books, videos and resources for activities to provoke thoughtfulness and debate on topics ranging from understanding empathy to volunteering opportunities for children.


Our History

GenGive is a grassroots fuelled movement created by families for families to; inspire our children to learn about the world beyond themselves, feel a sense of responsibility and empathy, and to understand pathways to create change. We are a community of likeminded families who take courage and inspiration from each other.


The emphasis placed on teaching our children empathy within and out of schools has diminished to an all time low. Numeracy and literacy are the only subjects really tested and measured in schools. Parents also are placing an ever increasing pressure on ‘outward’ success with the sky rocketing of out of school tutors and extra curricular activities after a full day of school. Little or no time and thought is given to stillness, helping others, how to manage emotions or what really drives happiness. Against a backdrop of greater social division and scary rates of mental health in children, we must reprioritise ‘how to live’.


Change only occurs when action is taken. GenGive’s resources and events empower parents and children to seek and solve vital issues and in so doing . We embed awareness and understanding of philanthropy across all our work, instilling these values from the earliest age and ultimately building it into a lifelong habit..

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