Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Did you get your festive knitwear out today?


That’s right, there’s an official day for the Christmas Jumper and today is that day. But while it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a good laugh with your family, friends and colleagues, did you know that it’s doing wonders for charity too?


Save the Children launched “Christmas Jumper Day” back in 2012 and according to this article, it’s raised £17 million for them so far – that’s a huge amount of money going to support children living in poverty both in the UK and further afield.


There’s an ongoing debate about whether it’s more beneficial for the charity or the retailers…


Sure, the retailers make money out of people who choose to go and buy new, but the good news is you don’t have to do buy new to take part – you can wear the same jumper year after year or customise one of you existing or old jumpers.  


But whether you buy new or get creative, the charity only benefits if you make sure some money is being raised at the same time. 


For those recycling last year’s Rudolf jumper, that means making an effort and figuring out a way to raise some money – it can be as simple as team members making a donation to wear their jumper to work but every penny counts.


If you’re buying new, then consider purchasing one of the products that are donating part of their profits to charity – this year that includes retail giant Amazon who are donating 20% of Christmas jumper purchases to charity.


And if Christmas jumpers really aren’t your thing?


Well there are lots of amazing small retailers out there making fantastic products and giving a percentage of their profits to charity all year round. 


If you prefer your jumpers with a slogan rather than a snowman try The FMLY storeSmith & WebbPickle Londonwould all be a good place to start.


Me? I love a festive knit, so I’ll wear my reindeer jumper with pride!


But today has also served as a great reminder that we all have the power to make a difference just by making conscious decisions – about how we treat people, the action we take, even down to day to day things like where we buy our clothes from.