Becoming Santa...

It might still be November, but however hard you try it’s pretty difficult to ignore that Christmas is well and truly on the way.


It’s one of my favourite times of the year. I’m really lucky, I have fantastic memories of Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, wonderful food, winter walks (anyone else remember when Christmas actually included snow – or at least a really good hard frost?!) and movies by the fire.


And of course, there’s the presents. But while it’s easy to get lost in the consumerism and hype that is part of a modern Christmas (this blog is being posted on Black Friday after all!), it’s also important to remember it’s not just about what you receive. The real joy often comes from the act of giving. Thinking about someone else and what will make a difference to them – make them happier, make things easier, showing them you care – that’s the spirit of Christmas that I really love.


When you think about it that way, gifts become much more meaningful and memorable and they last far beyond the initial excitement of ripping open the wrapping paper. They might not even be wrapped – gifts don’t have to be physical things, they can be actions and words – and they don’t always have to be for someone close to you, they can for absolutely anyone, even complete strangers.


So, in an effort to help us feel the joy that comes from giving, GenGive are doing things a little differently this year. Instead of opening up a little cardboard door and eating another chocolate to help us count down to the big day, we’ll be running a “reverse advent calendar” across our social media channels.


We’ll be posting everyday with tips and ideas for the little things you can do with your family to give back, help others and do good. We’ll also be introducing you to some local charitable organisations doing fantastic work, letting you know how you can help them and those they work with this festive season.


So, to get your daily dose of Christmas spirit come and join us on Facebook or Twitter and see how you can make a difference this Christmas. And if you do use any of the tips or ideas, or have any of your own you’d like us to include - please do get in touch on, we’d love to hear from you!