Anti-bullying week: 12th – 16th November

Anti-bullying week: 12th – 16th November

It’s a sad reality that bullying still affects lots of young people - whether it’s in school, in social settings or online.


It can take many forms including physical, verbal, emotional or cyber bullying and is often driven by perceived differences whether it’s appearance, religion, behaviour, disability, family, performance at school or how popular you are.


School and other youth organisation are making huge efforts to do what they can to tackle the issue, but we all have a responsibility – whether or not our children have been directly affected – to do what we can to teach them why bullying is wrong, the impact it can have and what to do if they see it happening.


Next week is Anti-Bullying week – it’s an awareness raising week where a whole host of anti-bullying charities get involved. This year’s theme is “Choose Respect” and involves a range of activities and themed days centred around the idea that bullying is a behaviour choice.


Whether you choose to take part in organised activities or simply use the week as a reason to have a conversation with your own children, let’s use this as an opportunity to try and make a difference and set an example by respecting each other at school, at home, in our communities and online.


To find out more about Anti-Bullying week and how you, your children and your children’s school could get involved, you can visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website here


If you do choose to get involved in some way, why not join us on Facebook or Twitter and share your experiences and thoughts?




If you or someone you know has been directly affected by bullying and you’d like to help or support, or you’d just like to know more about what’s being done, here are useful links to other charities working in the area:


Diana Award – A UK charity engaging young people to change the attitudes, behaviours and culture of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations, both online and offline.


Bullying UK – part of Family Lives, Bullying UK is a leading charity providing advice and support to anyone affected by bullying.


Kidscape – a charity providing children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives


Ditch the Label – a global charity providing support around bullying and related issues such as body image, mental health and sexuality


Stand Up Foundation – a Foundation set up by rugby player Ben Cohen to raise awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying and to fund organisation who are tackling bullying in schools, at work and in communities.


BullyBusters – starting in 2004 as a confidential free phone helpline for victims of bullying, the organisation has grown and now also provides training and awareness sessions for young people, professionals, schools, and parents.