Easy activities to start your child volunteering

If you want to get your child/children giving back, and doing good, then this is the blog post for you. It can be hard to know where to start with volunteering, especially with children, so we have gathered a few great ways to start philanthropic work with your family. We believe these are easy, and importantly, fun ways to nurture volunteering:


It sounds like a really obvious answer but it is the quickest way to get your children thinking about others and giving to charity.


Toys and clothes are usually items that tend to build up with kids – please correct us if you think we are wrong – so have a clear out. It may not sound fun, but how about incentivising it? Give your children a time limited to collect the most donations from their rooms, and then weigh it. See who has won. In the end it won’t matter when they drop off the bag at the charity shop. It will be the feeling and the thankfulness of the charity that will resonate.

Food Banks

These much-needed resources are staffed entirely by volunteers, they need people (and families) to help make up care packages and sort through the donations made to them. Your children will have to be over 11 but to give up even just an hour of your time as a family once a week would make an incredible difference. Plus, it is great bonding time.

Litter Pick

I can hear the groans from the teenagers as soon as you mention this one, however this is a much-needed service, one that gets you all outside and doing something as a family. Ok, so you will need gloves, and perhaps it is not glamorous, but if you choose an area near something your children actually care for they can see the difference.


For example, near a football pitch that they usually have kick about at? Or a park they are often at? And if it still doesn’t seem appealing, incentivise again, weigh your bin bags afterwards and see who collected the most.

Hospital Radio

This entertainment staple is some patients’ only joy when staying at hospital, plus they are great fun. These charities don’t only create great content to entertain others, they are a community focal point and a befriending service. This is a great volunteering choice for teenagers as they get to learn a skill, they get to play their favourite songs and perhaps even host a show.

It’s an easy win.


Family Fun Runs

You may or may not have seen our blog on the best fun runs in North London area this summer (go check it out), but if you don’t fancy a run or have already done one, why not sign up your family to volunteer at a local charity run? From finish line cheerers to giving out goody bags and medals, these events rely on volunteers and could be an great outdoor activity.

If you have thought of any other ideas of how to get your kids volunteering then please do let us know

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