GenGive aims to raise happier, more balanced children who are inspired and empowered to contribute to a more positive world. 


Change only occurs when action is taken. Our resources and events empower parents and children to seek, question and understand vital issues affecting people around the world.

We are a grassroots led community movement run by families for families. 


 Why Boredom is Good for the Soul


Even more, there's the frenzy that defines the modern-day family. Life already moves so quickly these days. I just don't know how to step on the breaks!



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 The Power of Good Parenting


Dr Holan Liang, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist has written a new book from her wonderfully successful blog, Shrink Grows Kids. In this blog she gives us a sneak peak! 


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 6 ways to teach the importance of kindness


Everyday tips on how to shift you child's thinking from “What can I get?” to , “What can I give?”





GenGive is a grassroots fuelled movement created by families for families to; inspire our children to learn about the world beyond themselves, feel a sense of responsibility and empathy, and to understand pathways to create change. 


Our online community and resources are to help provoke thoughtfulness and debate on topics ranging from understanding empathy to volunteering opportunities for children. We also run events that enable families to interact with local charities that are tackling everyday problems around the globe. 

Family Friendly Events

Family Action Day for Human Rights


WHO: all ages

WHAT: to get creative in support of Amnesty International's annual Write for Rights Campaign, standing in solidarity with individuals suffering human rights abuses across the world.

WHEN: Sunday 26 November 2017. 


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Workshop with Bread and Roses supporting Refugees


WHO: children 8 years old +

WHAT: to learn hands on about the refugee crisis from women refugees

WHEN: Date to be confirmed


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Dragons' Den for Charities


WHO: all ages

WHAT: Hear from three local social enterprises with innovative solutions followed by an interactive workshop.
WHEN: 2018 - more details coming soon


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